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    I didn't notice the category, thanks.
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    to see the Rift addon page.

    Please, tell me if you know how to :

    - Display the Lead / Assists
    To set it in addon as if it was role, marks or readycheck..

    - Toggle the castbar with a tickbox in options
    For the moment, if I display it, it spams me raidframe.. although I just want it in the unit frame.. so I would add it as a "tickox option" not to duplicate my addon (one for raid, and another for unit)

    - Hide range if lower than 1 meter
    0 is displayed on me and nearly teamates / mobs. that's quite annoying.

    - Show only "~" instead of "@ServerName"
    I'm looking for a script that "breaks" the fullname in 3 : name / @ / servername into 3 variables, then I think I can manage the rest.

    - Display "Dead" or "Disc" when necessary instead of life percent.
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