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    A Mod that spawns Dimensional rifts like tears  at a configurable rate in loaded chunks/ near player that act as a mob spawner, spawning random mobs to a certain cap (configurable) until closed (with a special item or so)


    Something like this:



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    Can someone make a mod for 1.12.2 that makes it possible to configure the base attack speed of tinkers weapons individually not the general attack speed a player has but like a weapon type depending one.


    For example being able to set attack speed for long sword different than the one for broad sword or rapier (or katana from Plustic add on). To help balance out modpacks?


    This way people would be able to configure these so the various mods out there that can increase general attack speed aren’t to op like getting dps of over 9000 and help balance fast and slow weapons out allot more (we all know that people always go for rapiers abusing the speed they have or for katanas that get extra dmg per hit but aren’t slow like they should be but super fast stack weapons and this makes it hard for modpack makers to balance these).


    This idea seems to be to challenging for even the mod makers to implement -.-!

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    I am currently managing a Modpack project and have run into a wall with the configuration options that the mods provide. Since I have 2 Ideas of what I would love to implement/balance out but apparently no existing mod can make it happen.


    First of all would be the idea of spontaneously occurring rifts (like rifts in the fabric of space/dimensions) that act as a monster spawned continuously spawning monsters (until certain saturation is reached or until closed with a certain item). This is a core part of the story of my modpack and I am currently using Dimensional Doors Rifts for that but they are only visual since they don’t spawn mobs and don’t randomly appear making them a onetime thing that after getting rid of the ones around a player base never appear again. They don’t need to spawn any special mobs just being able to have such a visual that spawns random mobs from the non boss mob spawn list would be enough for that sadly it doesn’t exist in such a way.


    The Second idea would be a combat configuration mod. There are a lot of mods tweaking certain aspects of minecraft and even some that disables the attack speed meter or simply increase the speed at which it recharges. But sadly there is no mod that can configure how fast the base attack speed of certain weapons is. For example tinkers Rapier or Plustic katana are super fast and when modifier caps are enhanced for bigger modpacks with a difficulty increase it is really hard to balance weapons that can simply be spam clicked doing millions of dmg in seconds without having to reduce the overall dmg or speed of weapons which would make normal swords or the weapons provided from other mods (or the other way around) useless in comparison. Offering literally no choice but to go for the Op Stuff, as there is no way to properly balance it.


    Another way to fix this would be to somehow be able to disable the weapons swinging when the attack speed meter isn’t fully charged. So players will have to wait for it to charge before they can attack at all. So they can’t spam click panicking little kids. But also here there is no one who could make this.


    These where 2 ideas I had and wanted to share in case someone is looking for a mod idea and has the skill to make it. No obligations in any way XD just the idea I wanted to share.


    Most small modpack makers can only work with the configs and configurability provided by the mods they use which also makes turning such ideas into reality a bit problematic since not everyone can make mods.

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