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    posted a message on hook AddMessage problem
    I believe you want to replace this.XXX with self.XXX since you reference "self" in the function. "self" ~= "this" .... Doesn't matter which one you use, just be consistent.
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    posted a message on Decursive 2.0 (official thread)
    I know the external libs issue has been discussed on page 9 or so, but just a head's up: using external libs in the Curse Client, Decursive throws two errors on character login.
    1. Ace2 is out of date
    2. DewDrop is out of date
    User fix: tell the CC to update those two as Alpha
    Developer fix: Update the .pkgmeta file to force the newest versions, or recode using Ace3 and not using DDL?

    I know the user fix works, but not sure if the .pkgmeta idea will work, and recoding can get ugly.
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    posted a message on SmartRes2 unknown units and organized lists
    Quote from DathRarhek
    Line 130:
    if not targetName or targetName == "unknown" or targetName == "" then 

    You don't need to do this. ResComm_ResStart will never return unknown as targetName. It will have done the tooltip scanning for you.

    The whole point of LibResComm is the tooltip scanning. It's the reason that we need a communication library to do do resurrection communication.

    If a resser is not using CTRA, oRA2 or an addon embedding LibResComm there is NO possible way of knowing who he is ressing if it is a released target.

    You sir, are a genius, and I thank you. I wasn't at all certain if LRC did or did not return unknowns, but now knowing that it does, makes me feel even more indebted to you.
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    posted a message on free premium account for addon authros?
    Welcome to the big leagues! :p *ahem* No, I did not forget to whom I am addressing LOL!!

    Myrroddin of Llane, Moderator of Curse's boards, noob of addon development...
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    posted a message on SmartRes2 unknown units and organized lists
    I thought of that, and did have almost the exact code, but then I realized a possible problem: since we are talking about ghosts, then how would that code know that the corpse you are clicking on is actually that player? Furthermore, say two healers click on two different corpses, again, how would it know? The idea is for the player with SmartRes2 to know all ressing targets, regardless of dead or ghost status, and regardless of whom is casting the res spell, and regardless whether or not other players have SR2.

    As I said, the original SmartRes could make that distinction, but the related code is... beyond confusing. Not to mention buggy at this point.

    If it helps, SR2 has two res keys. Press the autokey, and it will res a non-ghost player who has not been ressed already, and the manualkey gives you the hand cursor to target a corpse. In both cases, using either LibBars-1.0 or LibCandyBar-3.0 (I haven't decided which one to use) it puts bars on the screen that say "resser is ressing targetName" with optional chat output of same.

    Released ghosts would say "resser is ressing unknown" which is precisely what I don't want.

    Thank you for the suggestion, however. :-D
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    posted a message on Mountain Dew Contest
    You have 45+ Exalted Factions? No wonder there are so few Chuck Norris facts – you have no time to code!

    BTW, I'm in Edmonton, so hello to your part of Canada!!
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    posted a message on SmartRes2 unknown units and organized lists
    First, apologies for the unfinished code; I am coding around the missing functions, but really want to get these in. They are bugging me.


    At line 130, I will call a function Addon:UnknownToKnown() that will scan tooltips to get the names of released, ghost characters, and properly add that info to targetName. I looked at the original SmartRes code, but it seems needlessly complex, not commented should someone take over SR2 from me, is just a headache.

    At least I think I should be scanning tooltips. Suggestions, howtos?

    Also, line 202 begins the dead list function for ressing using the autokey (not coded yet) but I want players ressed in a specific order, and not willy-nilly like SR1 does. Specifically:
    • All dead Priests
    • All dead Paladins
    • All dead Shamans or Druids
    • Any order of other Mana using classes
    • Any order of the rest of the classes
    Yeah, so I am trying to make SmartRes2 smarter than the original. Unfortunately, I am not as smart as even that.

    One last question, about localizing. My slash commands I want localized, as not everybody has an English language compatible keyboard. In the Ace3 info I have found, it suggests my 4 /xx commands be written as you see them, and in the localization file, have

    local L = LibStub("AceLocale-3.0"):NewLocale("SmartRes2", "enUS", true)
    if L then
       -- chat commands
       L["sr"] = true
       L["sr2"] = true
       L["smartres"] = true
       L["smartres2"] = true

    Wow, I hope I got that correct. Oh, and I am not looking for bug-squashing yet, as you can see, there is a great deal of missing code. I can see the light at the end of the tunnel, however, and so are looking for some help now.

    Thank you.
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    posted a message on LibSharedMedia-3.0 documentation?
    I feel like a dinosaur. Anyway, merrily coding with LSM3, and then I realized I am in over my head, again. Where is the APIs for LSM3? I couldn't even find them for v1 and v2, not that I want to use them. The APIs have to be doc'd somewhere. Pointers?

    Um, yes, I read Elsia's post, and it helped, but not as much as I need.
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    posted a message on oRA2
    For those curious, it wasn't until patch 3.11 of WoW that someone brought the conflict between SmartRes and oRA2 to my attention, and for the delay, I am sorry. I have not yet looked at the oRA2 code, but I can tell you that SmartRes uses the rather old and dated CTRA method of communication. Is there a newer method that I should be using?

    And more to the point, since I am working on SmartRes2, which uses Ace3 and LibResComm-1.0, and is a total rewrite, keeping almost nothing of the original code, how concerned should I be about fixing the original SmartRes, if it is indeed my addon causing the problem?

    I do not know if the problem exists on my end, or oRA2's, as I don't use oRA2 (much to the chagrin of my Raid Leaders). Any constructive feedback is welcome, and suggested code fixes more so, especially if they work!
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    posted a message on HealInc - Healing and Resurrection monitor
    Quote from Farook

    Keep going... :)

    Thank you for the support, and I am. Slow going between work, raiding, and attempting to have a life outside of Warcraft. But it is steadily progressing, almost to the point where I will ask you fine WowAce brains for some advice. More on that in the next few days / week or two.

    Quote from DathRarhek
    Thanks for your support myrroddin.

    To avoid any confusion. Neither SmartRes or HealInc requires oRA2 to be installed. Nor do they interfere with each other. They can all work independently. They all receive and send their data through the same protocol though. Making them work together transparently.

    No, thank you. Your LibResComm-1.0 is making my life much easier, and that you used LibBars-1.0 gave me some ideas. How did you get HealInc to NOT include the Test Addon that comes with LB1?

    Also, I am getting reports from people using oRA2 that the original SmartRes gags .. or maybe it is oRA2 doing the gagging, on the "smart" auto res button feature. I know there was, maybe still is, a bug in the oRA2 code for cast time starts, so there is definitely a conflict somewhere. Darned if I know where it is, though.

    In other news, I had two questions: first, why is there a need for LRC1, SR, oRA2, or any other addon to communicate with itself or others via the Addon channel about resses? Wouldn't it be simpler just the check COMBAT_LOG_EVENT_UNFILTERED for SPELL_RESURRECT? Then compare that with UnitCast (or whatever it is called)?

    Second, I got this from the Curse comment section for SR:

    I have some Problem with my german client.

    First: Res-Message have to be "Wirke Wiederbelebung auf %t" for the german client, but i cant change the variable -> "Validierungsfehler" -> validationerror

    Second: Smartres works only for my battleres(Wiedergeburt) of my Druid.
    The normal res(Wiederbelebung) seems to be unknown

    So I asked if the Localization for deDE was correct, and apparently not. I can use that guy's suggestions, but is it just a text error, or am I missing something in the code regarding Revive?
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    posted a message on HealInc - Healing and Resurrection monitor
    I am recommending to people who are using oRA2 to switch from SmartRes to this addon, for now. Make no mistake; I greatly appreciate both HealInc and LibResComm-1.0.

    As you said, OrionShock: choices are good. I am just going to continue developing SmartRes2 if only for the features that HealInc doesn't have. But in the meantime, HealInc is a very worthy successor.

    Of course, if someone doesn't use oRA2, then the original SmartRes works just fine.
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    posted a message on HealInc - Healing and Resurrection monitor
    I read the Curse page description. HealInc has coloured bars for things, so it is not without some "smart" features. SmartRes still trumps it. Looks like I will have to finish developing SR2.
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    posted a message on HealInc - Healing and Resurrection monitor
    D'oh! Foiled again!! LOL Does this mean I should stop develpment for SmartRes2, which is Ace3 & LibResComm-1.0 compatible? The current version is pre-Alpha, which is why nobody has seen it yet.

    Or are there features in SmartRes that would still justify me coding the sequel, such as the auto res key, and others, not to mention SmartRes SmartRes2 are just fancy res monitors, with nothing else like your HealInc above?
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    posted a message on MrBigglesworthDeath not saving variables
    Well, version 1.2 works just fine, but since I want to add some things, like making localization easier, more slash commands (changing chat output) and using the Interface Options frame, I went back to do this step by step.

    Version 1.2.1 keeps throwing "nil" errors for the addon.settings variable, and I seem to be blind, especially since I didn't change anything about that.

    Also, I changed the localization system to use a folder rather than do it all in the main lua file, so if anyone has this addon, I am including the updated .zip for convenience.

    And is there anyone out there that wants credit for helping localize this?
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    posted a message on project version mismatch & embeded libs
    Quote from Adirelle
    For the 5.11/6.02 thing : your 6.02 file is flagged as beta. Just edit the file flag here.

    Hmmm so a newer beta can't overwrite an older release? Weird, but thanks for the help.

    And as for the .pkgmeta/toc, thank you for that. Will that continue to work if I use the tag: latest in the .pgkmeta?
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