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    As many others, i farm a lot of old content for mounts, transmorgs and what not. which leads to me having my inventory filled with items, some i need to equip to get transmorgs, some i sell on AH  but most i just need to vendor, because with the amount of items i loot, the gold quickly adds up!


    I currently use "Scrap" which is an addon that automatically sells grey items, repairs, and has the feature of letting you mark items that should always be sold automatically. This is exactly what i want! The only problem is that Scrap seems to have some sort of max amount of items you can mark, so when i mark items now, other items that i have already marked will become unmarked. Also the addon has a "safe mode" which prevents it from selling more than 12 items, and if you uncheck this option, it still only sells 12 items automatically.


    JunkList Idea:

    I mouseover an item that i wish to ALWAYS automatically sell. I then press a key(which i can bind in the interface menu) and the item is now marked as "junk"(shown with a little coin on the item icon for example... could be anything). This adds the item's ID to my junk list. The next time i op a vendor window, the addon automatically starts selling all items that are on my junk list, and if the item can't be sold, it destroys it. And that's just about all i would like it to do.


    Of cause it would be amazing if the addon could also automatically repair my gear, auto mark everything grey and old consumables, but the main thing is that it remembers ALL the marked items. It will of cause take some time to make your junk list, but instead of having to sell the items manually every time, you just have to mark it once, and then never again. The whole idea already exists in the "Scrap" addon, it just needs to be able to mark a lot more items and then automatically sell them all instead of just 12. Actually i wouldn't even mind having to press a sell button several times to sell 12 items each time, just as long as it remembers what to sell :)


    I think lots of people would appreciate  an addon like this, and many of the already existing addons are really close, but just not totally there.


    Let me know what you think! It would be amazing if anyone with some sweet LUA coding skills would give this a try! :P


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