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    posted a message on Appearance tab: grouping sets by expansions

    An idea I had, after I've seen this amazing BfA Alliance Warrior PvP set by chance, as otherwise I would've missed it as I barely look in the set list anymore:

    • Grouping the sets by expansions would make the long list of sets much more legible
    • It would enable you to quickly spot new sets
    • Maybe similar to the updated crafting window, in which all recipes are sorted by expansions using a simple toggle for each expansion
    • Either PvE and PvE sets separated by another toggle, or some sort of flag/icon to show if the set is from PvE or PvP

    I did find several transmog addons that offer something similar, but they're separated addons.

    If an addon like that is created it could be combined with other addons that track the amount of items you've already collected for a particular set.

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    Is there a way to customise the sort order of the races in the artifacts window?

    As I understand it the default sort order is the order in which the different races are displayed in the Blizzard profession menu combined with the blacklist. I'd like to manually customise that order, so that the race I'm farming to get Restored Artifacts is at the top and the races I want to get certain items are below that.


    The "crate Restored Artifacts" button on the Dig Site Tracker: currently it only shows 1 item you can crate and by pressing it multiple times you can cycle through every item that can be crated. I'd like small counter on the icon showing the total number of items that can be crated to easily estimate how much yield the current farming session accumulated.


    And to report an issue: it seems the Dig Site Tracker gets confused when I'm farming only Mantid sites using the Mantid Artifact Sonic Locator, as only 2 sites are being shown at all times despite currently being 3 or 4 sites active across 2 regions - whereas before when I was in the Eastern Kingdoms the tracker would display sites across the continent.


    Edit: looks like the tracker doesn't update fast enough. Just now I had 4 sites and the tracker showed 4, I finished 1 dig site and the tracker showed 3 but a new site spawned instantly so 4 in total. This behaviour might also explain my observation earlier, in which 2 sites have been tracked vs. 4 sites being present in the area.


    Never-mind: the issues is already reported as #677 on wowace. 

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