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    I am having some troubles with the 3nd Version of Dog Tags. What I wanted to do is: Showing me some letters for buffs/debuffs/other stuff for party/raid members. (Something like Perfect Raid does)

    I am using this Code:

    [(HasAura("Threat") ? ".A":Color("FF0000")) NumAura("Regrowth"):Hide(0, 1) (HasAura("Regrowth") ? "Re":Green) NumAura("Rejuvenation"):Hide(0, 1) (HasAura("Rejuvenation") ? "Rn":Green) NumAura("Renew"):Hide(0, 1) (HasAura("Renew") ? "Rn":Green) (HasAura("Power Word: Shield") ? "Sh":Yellow) (HasAura("Weakened Soul") ? "Sh":Red)]

    1. The Threat thing is not working. I only want to get an A (or/and a dot) when a partymember has aggro from a mob (not only my target Mob) - bevore I can see his Hitpoints going down.
    2. Counting and showing Rejuvenation, Renew is working. Only it does not show Rn - but RN...
    3. Would be nice to get an if-then-else function for the shield. Something like this:

    (if HasAura("Power Word: Shield") then "Sh":Yellow) else HasAura("Weakened Soul") ? "Sh":Red)

    But I am getting errors with everthing I am trying this way.

    Help, please!
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