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    Hello, currently i work on my addon and want create a contex menu für Right click on the minimap button. But if i set the "MENU" Argument in the UIDropDownMenu_Initialize function Nothing is showing up any more. This is my current code


    -- create the rightclikc contex menu
    function LFGHelper_MiniMenue_Initial(self,level,menuList)
    	local info = UIDropDownMenu_CreateInfo();
    	if level == 1 then
    		info.text = "LFG Helper Options";
    		info.isTitle = true;
    local LFGHelper_MiniMenue = CreateFrame("Frame", "Test_DropDown", UIParent, "UIDropDownMenuTemplate");
    UIDropDownMenu_SetWidth(LFGHelper_MiniMenue, 200)
    UIDropDownMenu_Initialize(LFGHelper_MiniMenue, LFGHelper_MiniMenue_Initial, "MENU");

     with this function i toggle it 

    ToggleDropDownMenu(1, nil, LFGHelper_MiniMenue, "cursor", 3, -3);


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    Hello. I Need for my addon a listbox. Is there a simple way to add a listbox into a addon or did i Need to create it for my self with scrollviews and other stuff


    Greetings Andy

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