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    Quote from Torhal
    Oh, I dunno...he probably got a kick out of being thrown in the same group as a teddy bear.

    I've seen pictures of Tekkub, he does look like a teddybear :) All soft n cuddly.
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    Poor Tekkub always gets haters :P
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    Quote from Lyn
    yes, its still msbt.
    http://uploaded.to/?id=e9ij14 the core.lua of fux.

    i like your ui :) i tryed to use your addborder function for mine... but i miserably failed by getting it work for different sizes of frames :x i know i am bad.

    THanks for the upload :)

    And I've failed at that as well, I like the border around UFs thing a lot.
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    Quote from Phanx
    Raid, combat, casting, with target, showing BigWigs timer:

    Raid, combat, with target, showing tooltip and MSBT, I has teh aggros:

    Addons visible:
    Mik's Scrolling Battle Text
    oUF, with custom layout I will eventually release
    Satrina Buff Frames
    Custom minimap
    Custom friend notification in UIErrorsFrame

    Addons not visible:
    See attached text file for complete list if you want.

    Font is Expressway Free. It is, as the name implies, free, so go download it yourself if you want it.

    Statusbar texture is from one of Neal's old UIs. It isn't the same one that's in his current one, but I'm sure Google knows where to find it.

    Totem buttons only appear in combat or while shift key is pressed. Additional totems appear only while shift key is pressed; see detail.

    Unit frame borders colorize and expand when the unit has aggro or a debuff I can dispel. In the screenshots I think they're applying to hostile units as well; this is not intentional and has since been fixed.

    Yes, I know my buff icon borders are overlapping the timer text. This is a bug, and it isn't mine! (It also goes away after opening the SBF config, I just forgot to do it before taking screenshots.)

    WTB your MSBT config, unless it's the one I got already. I love the entire setup. :) How did you get those borders with Grid? I may have to finally give Macaroon a swing, since I am in limbo with 2 other barmods.
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    I wholeheartedly agree with Phanx, most self-buffs are monitored closely elsewhere.

    eg. I currently play a shadowpriest (with whom I have successfully tanked Durn at level 69), I need to know my Inner Fire, Shadow Weaving, Fortitude on myself. Others don't need to know that. What *I* need to know, is people who are missing Power Word: Fortitude (OOC, IC I don't buff due to high threat generation, unless it's a tank, then I will). But that buff will be covered in the AuraGroup thing, so it doesn't have to be included in the defaults.

    Imho important statusses (shouldn't this be stati?) :
    - Weakened Soul
    - Forbearance (perhaps Divine Protection so healers know which tank deemed him/herself near death)
    - Divine Intervention - for those awesome OH SH*T moments where you know you will wipe so you know to get to a spot to be ressed easily
    - PoM for priest is desirable.
    - HoTs (even Gift of the Naaru and Lifeblood, because those do act as buffer for heals, healers want to see them. Any class with a capability to heal will like them. I do drop out of shadow to heal as well if needed)
    - Aggro
    - OOM (lower than 35%)
    - Incoming heals
    - Amplify/Dampen/Focus Magic as Xinhuan mentioned
    - Beacon of Light
    - Earthliving
    - Power World: Shield

    That's all I can think of right now. But the self-buffs I wouldn't include too much.

    Perhaps one type of debuff should be central (or a priority strata) and that's the positive/negative charge. But this IS a personal thing, not sure if others agree. If I knew how to write a config instantly usable in grid2 with those settings, I would and then post it for you to look at, sadly I do not.
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    Quote from gregory2
    I got it working fine setting heals texture to Empty. There is still text incoming heals indicator.

    I can't even select empty :( So did you have the same issue as I had?
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    Add :

    Paladin - Divine Intervention (so everyone who has grid can see someone was DI'd - and occasionally how bad a pally screwed up by DI'ing a non-rezzing class) and Blessing of Protection.

    I do agree with Phanx on several self-buffs, some of them are not relevant enough to be included as default.
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    I hate to do this, Azethoth, but I have to.

    I simply don't get the entire location-indicator-status portion. Is the goal to setup a location (let's call it bottom), create a status (let's call that one PWS) and then assign an indicator to use said location and show said status?

    And for some obscure reason, I STILL get this "texture" issue. Every /rl or login I have to assign different textures (bar-health and bar-heals can not have the same texture unless occasionally gradient-gradient) and I have to just try all textures until I find a combination that shows everything as it should for the duration of my playtime, and then repeat it again next time I play (or post a /rl)

    Also, colors don't stick too well. (I have a custom indicator or status or location (no clue which one I should call it). Rejuv/Regrowth/Renew/PWS are tied to "side-bottom", all their own colors, they always show up as white.
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    Quote from Lyn
    even if i am on a wow break... can't stop with interface stuff. working on a new ouf layout.


    fux is normally not there.



    so.. now modified fux a bit ^^

    WTB the modded Fux :P

    Also, I love the complete setup there. Good job. Do you still use MSBT?
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    Well, CurseProfiler does insist on getting installed, I have unchecked "Upload char info", unchecked the option to install the Profiler through the config menu. And it still pulls that addon, as well as Download Count. Both I would like to NOT have in my Addons folder, or at least have the ability to disable the installation of both.
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    Quote from Tekkub
    Didn't I say that like 2 pages ago? No one listens anymore!

    Poor Tekkub. I paid attention, just knew I couldn't put it as eloquently as you (Gawd, I've been wanting to use the word "eloquent" for a while now)
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    I did notice a 20/30dps discrepancy with Violation compared to picoDPS. :( And I've yet to find anything as handy as Violation. While my pc now has 4GB ram, I still can't get over the "20mb is too much".
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    Quote from Azethoth

    Quote from laincat
    [2009/03/05 18:27:51-598-x1]: Grid2-$Rev: 61 $\GridDefaults.lua:211: bad argument #1 to 'pairs' (table expected, got nil)
    Grid2-$Rev: 61 $\GridDefaults.lua:211: in function <Interface\AddOns\Grid2\GridDefaults.lua:206>

    Ok, this is alpha software. Please be more specific in how you got to this point. Something like:
    1) Download new version
    2) ... ?
    3) Profit!

    With other words, what steps do I need to take to reproduce this?

    In Short, the poster didn't reset the SV's :) Had the same error upon loading, after the reset of the SV it was all ok. :)

    Quote from mememe2

    at first i have to say i simply love the appearance and features of grid. i am not a healer, but i am raid leader and like to keep track of everything thats going on during an encounter. however i am still using sRaidframes for raid frames.
    grid is so much more compact overall and i often tried the switch between addons, but it never lasted longer than a few days before i reverted back.

    the main reason for this is that at a some point sRaidframes came up with a wonderful feature displaying special abilities and skills on the players frames (priests who are in shadowform, show who is innervated, tanks who activated survival skills like shield wall or last stand and the text display lasting for the duration of the effect, and indicating who is DI'd by a paladin, etc).

    now i'm not that into grid & its config,and i also couldnt play wow for a while, so thats why im wondering if grid ever had, grid2 has or grid2 will ever have that same feature (e.g. through text indicator)?

    if that would/will be the case, i would never throw grid away again :)

    It's being worked on, if you need all those features, perhaps sticking to Grid1 for the time being is best, you can make such a setup with Grid2, but it requires some manual lua writing.

    Quote from ant1pathy
    Yeah, I see that they all download now that I look in the folder. Now I play the waiting game for the rest of the config to be developed...

    Just like all of us :)
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    posted a message on Improved Merchant Frame
    Found a slight issue.

    I can't shift-click to link items from the vendor window when I use this :(
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    My config : (I always note from lowest priority to highest)
    - Shadow Priest: (edit : yes, my spriest has the same set up as my healers, though I have to admit, depending on which healer one or two things do change.)
    * Frame - 35 x 35 - text 12px - size 7 corners - size 17 icon - default colors for frame (dark fg, bright bg)
    * center icon for debuffs I can cure or for debuffs that reduce/prevent healing (yes, even on my shadow priest, because I drop out of shadowform to help heal if needed)
    * center text : Inc. Heals - health deficit - death/FD/Ghost/Offline - Name
    * top left : aggro
    * top right : debuffs (magic, poison, disease, curse)
    * bottom left : green for incoming heals
    * bottom right : HoTs + low mana
    * border : MCed (this also shows up as debuff) - PW:S - my target
    * range : frame alpha

    Depending on my role, I would change a few things, eg on non-healing classes, I didn't have PW:S, Healing reduced/prevented or incoming heals.

    - Mage :
    * frame : 30*30 - text 11px - corner 5 - center icon 15 - default frame colors
    * center icon : Curses + MC + RaidDebuffs (eg. Infected on Grob)
    * center text : Missing HP - Dead/FD/Ghost/Offline/Afk - Name
    * top left : aggro
    * top right : Debuffs
    * bottom left : OOC Missing AI - Low Health - Low mana
    * bottom right : Low health
    * border : MCed - my target
    * range : frame alpha for decursing
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