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    Wow, what a thread. I was reading this, hoping to find what the OP was looking for. I've used KC_Items with Fence, while I love it, I miss 2 features. The BottomScan option from Auctioneer and the display of what an item is used for (some grey items can be quite valuable to specific professions or classes). Now going over the thread I saw Mendeleev noted, and Tekkompare (I used to use EQCompare but left it for what it was in a desperate attempt to lower my memory usage, which now circles around 30MB).

    Based on tips from others in the thread, I'll try the Auctioneer on AH Alt, hoping it will help. Or just /rl after I am done with the AH.

    ps. I did get way more info on the term bigot than I did on the topic for which I checked this thread. Quite funny actually, how passionate people can be when defending their pov.
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    I don't know if this has been asked before or not.

    First of, I love this addon, I can't live without it. BUT... I loathe how you can not set a max width, you can however resize the entire window. But then the text becomes not readable (too small). Would there be a way to implement font size settings for the tracker alone? I read that there is no way you can set a max width for tablets.
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