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    My target frame does not update my selected target if I switch targets in combat. E.g. I might have Player Y targeted, we engage the boss, I select Player X, and my target frame will still show the name and info of Player Y. I can then target Player A to Z and it'll still only ever show Player Y on the SUF Target Frame. After / outside combat it works fine again. Please advice and let me know if I can offer any more info.
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    Greetings one and all,

    I play a shaman and recently specced from resto to enhancement. As Resto I had an Addon EarthShieldTracker, which, obviously, kept track of my Earth Shield.
    Now I've been searching my butt of to find a similar addon for my water- / and lighting shield. The closest I've come is "ShieldsUp"; this plays a sound and shows a message in my chat window whenever one of my shields fades.

    However, I would like an addon which does the above, but also has a little frame that shows whether my shield is up or not, how much charges it has and how long it still lasts.
    I would also like that frame to show if I have the Focussed buff (melee clearcasting thingy).

    I was unable to find such addon myself, therefore I'm requesting it here.

    Thanks in advance,
    Tempestes, draenei Shaman, Azjol-Nerub EU
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