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    posted a message on Stat and skill tracking (and other ideas) for Vuhdo.

    Imagine this: You are a healer in pug for an easy dungeon. The tank starts to pull and then he pulls another group and another group... So you panic and starts to throw down you cooldowns on the tank in preparation for the big D damage he is about to receive... only he is not receiving it at all because he knew the damage would be coming in and popped his cooldowns preemptively. And now none of you have any cooldowns... 


    How do we avoid this? By tracking those cooldowns, their effect ( in simple percentage in a color representing the resistance.) and lasting time. Perhaps all we need is a percentage inside of their Vuhdo frame to track their current total bonus to physical (and/or magical) resistance via their buffs. This can help you know how to prioritize things better. does the rogue who just popped evasion really need that swiftmend of yours? or can u save it for the warlock?


    This can also be used to lessen the stress of leading a raid as you can simply see why someone is soaking damage instead of dodging it. 

    Not to mention the ability to easily show others what they are doing wrong in the mids of a raid. (be nice about it ofc...) a simple example is being able to see at a glance why a rogue took high dmg due to using evasion rather then cloak of shadows. 


    What I'm really asking for here is:

    A way to track physical / magical resistance, dodge, block chance, parry chance bonuses granted by buffs and the time left on said buffs in a single color coded texts located wherever you want in the vuhdo raid frames.

    something like a simple color coded: (number of buffs) - (time remaining) - (percentage buffed)

    Example: On a druid tank with Barksin and Survival Instincts on, it would be: (2)-(6)-(70%) or (Number of buffs= 2) - (time remaining on shortest buff = 6 seconds) - (Percentage damage reduction = 20+50% = 70%)


    Of course you should be able to utilize all the other awesome ways of showing stuff that vuhdo has integrated. like a bar ticking down or an icon showing the timer etc.


    Some other cool stuff:

    Imagine if you could add text (name of spell, duration, "Can't touch this" etc...) to those bars ticking down.

    How about having all buffs (using a whitelist/ blacklist system) show inside of the raid frame as bars ticking down. With the longest lasting being on the bottom. 

    What about doing all this with debuffs?

    What about showing all enemy castbars on the person they are targeting... big potential there :P


    Information is a fantastic thing and there are still so much we can do to make things easier for us all. 


    ...just a thought. ^^


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    posted a message on Details! plugin with alternative ways of showing the information.

    We all know what recount is right?

    What makes recount great is it's way of showing information in cool ways. In real time no less!


    However recount is showing it's age a little. 

    But them graphs tho!

    ..and pie charts!


    and other charts!

    I really want to be able to see my dps/hps/absorbs/and every other stat in the game in real time, in as many ways as possible. (graphs, charts, dragon, disco, fireworks....)


    But so far only recount does this and if it weren't for the fact that elvui can only have the main window embedded atm (not the dps/raid or personal dps etc.) I would have been happy using it forever. But atm it's a hassle to set it up every time and Details! is far more ... detailed. and seems to be better supported. 


    ...just a thought ^^


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