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    posted a message on Recount math error for BrewMaster damage taken ???

    I have an issue with my Recount numbers, for a BrewMaster monk, where I "lose" about 30% of damage taken and think it's due to how Recount counts it.


    In general terms I expect :


    Damage taken amount = Healing + absorbs + Combat HP regen + (Full HP - current HP).


    But in recount, the amount on the right of the equals sign is 30% short of Damage Taken amount. A comment on Icy veins suggests that after the damage is initially inflicted, part is converted via Stagger to a DOT of physical damage and is thus affected by armor reduction a second time (first time being when the damage is first inflicted).


    Is this totally wrong or is there something recount that can reveal to explain this disappeared 30% of total damage taken ?


    Or I could just be a dope.

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