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    posted a message on Gunpowder Placement Mod

    Place gunpowder, like redstone, which allows you to create a long fuse. It would be nice to have a small mod for this since the only other mod that exists with this feature has way more features than needed (Quark).

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    posted a message on Slime Pickup Mod

    Slimes will pickup dropped items and hold them inside their body until you kill them to get the items back. 

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    posted a message on Cravings Mod

    A mod that would allow players to randomly get a "craving" during gameplay. This will be some type of food item that they need to eat within a certain amount of time to get a buff. If they do not eat within the time frame they will get a debuff. This would help promote a variety of food while rewarding the player for doing so.

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