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    I've come up with an idea for an addon after watching someone's video of a siege war. If anyone is familiar with the "afk" addon, this will be easier to understand seeing as I'm going to be making a comparison to it.

    The afk addon, when turned on, keeps an eye on your chat and when you're whispered or whenever you name is mentioned you auto reply with and afk message.

    I can easily dual box in siege war and I was thinking of an addon that will function similar to the afk addon mentioned above. The idea is to have this addon in use on the second client, so it needs to have a toggle on/off. It will watch the chat and when the keyword "buffs" is mentioned, the addon will recognize that word, target the player who typed it, and cast a buff that they are pre-set to cast on their target.

    An example would be the Champion's 6% boost to all attributes. You die, rez up back at the castle, say "buffs," the champion targets you and gives you the buff.

    This addon would also need the ability to change what buff(s) need to be casted. I'm pretty sure the champ's buff wouldn't be the only desirable one so there needs to be an interface that would allow you to swap out which buffs you want triggered by the keyword.

    I could just dual client and alt+tab inbetween windows, but seeing as I play in fullscreen mode, every time I alt tab out and back in, I risk crashing thanks to RoM's poor coding. Not joking either. If you alt tab in and out enough times, the game goes unresponsive and crashes. Combine that with the extremely unstable siege war enviornment and you've got a guranteed crash after just a few alt+tabs. And everyone knows you don't die less that a few times lol. This technically could be considered botting, but then again the addon PetAutoCraft is allowed in game, so I think this addon would be allowed.
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