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    In order for you to be able to sleep in a bed you have to meet the vanilla requirements to be able to sleep in the bed plus you would have to build a home around the bed as well. The requirements for a building in the game to be considered a home for the player it must have 1) from the inside of the wall 5x5x4 worth of cubic space, 2) at least one door, 3) a bed, 4) a ceiling, 5)  a floor, 6) four walls minimum, 7) at least a furnace, 8) at least a crafting table, 9) at least a double chest specifically, at least two completely separate windows using either panes or blocks, 10) has to be completely enclosed, and 11) a sign above the door saying "Welcome Home 'players username'". If the player wants to make a mine that comes from their home they would need to put make a 1x1 hole that has a trapdoor covering the hole because of requirement 10. Another thing you can do is make multiple home's and teleport each one by shift+right-clicking the bed in the home and they would select a name from a menu that pops up, the name would something they put on the sign above the door of their home but in order to be able to do this each of their homes would have to be minimally three thousand blocks between the outside of the walls of the one they are teleporting from and to.

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    villages from the overworld but in other dimensions

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    adds in a few blocks to do some simple utilities, which are a trading post, mobbed earth, and auto crafter


    trading post - allows players to see all villagers trades in a 20 block radius and can click on the trade which will take items the villager is requesting and replaces those items with item/s from the villager 


    cursed earth - makes spawning of mobs happen quicker and is configurable for how quick made by right clicking grass block specifically with a "wither drop" (you can get one from a wither skeleton) added in for this mod which you can combine with other mob drops that can be either hostile, passive, or neutral mob drops


    auto crafter - early game method of doing auto crafting make the recipe in the crafting grid and insert resources to make the item you want auto crafted into the auto crafter's internal inventory which is a 4 x 9 and if all the materials are there to craft the item it does so but if its not then you see in chat or the block essentially tells you in some way that it doesn't have all the needed materials and lists the needed things off will automatically output end-product if there is an inventory to output it to if it doesn't have one it stores the end-product in the internal inventory

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