We love to reward our authors for their work, so we’re here with all the info you need to get started and start earning points today!


Step 1: Join the Rewards Program


Head over to the Rewards Program Settings section of your user profile. Read through the linked ToS and, when you’re ready, check the checkbox and select “Update”. That’s it! Now you’ll start earning points on all your projects across CurseForge! 


Step 2: Submit your Tax Information


In order to trade in your points for gift cards or PayPal rewards, you’ll need to submit some important tax information first. If you’d like more info on why we require this please read through this article.


In order to start the tax submission process, send our support team a ticket, making sure to select the option Account > Tax Interview. Just let us know you’re looking to submit your tax info and we’ll take it from there! You should receive a response from our team within a few weeks with a link to the Amazon Tax Interview. Once that Interview is complete, our team will work with Amazon to get your information squared away (a process that usually takes a few weeks). You should have access to the Rewards Store no later than one month after completing your tax interview. 


Step 3: Redeem your points


Once you tax information has been cleared there’s nothing left to do except enjoy your rewards! Head over to the Rewards Store and get what you deserve!


Additional Help


If you have any questions about how the Rewards Program works, please refer to the other detailed articles in our Knowledge Base: