Creating Your First Project

Note: This is a general overview of how to create your first project, and covers the general process for each game. For detailed game specific information, check for Knowledge Base articles pertaining to your game here.

Getting Started

Once you have registered your CurseForge account or logged into an existing account, you can choose which game you would like to start a project for by going to and clicking the appropriate title:



After selecting the game you would like to start a project for, click Start Your Project:



Alternatively, you can directly visit the landing pages for each of the games we offer project support for:


In Minecraft you currently have 5 options.

  • Mods
  • Texture Packs
  • Worlds
  • Modpacks
  • Customization: scripts, config files, quest files, guidebooks and Lucky Block configs.

Kerbal Space Program

In Kerbal Space Program you have:

  • Mods - files that change the base game or add on to it go here, files that are just .craft will be rejected.
  • Shareables - .craft files go here


Wildstar is even easier, there's only one option : Addons. If its for Wildstar it goes under Addons.

Once you press Start Project you will be taken to a page to set up your project.

Project Page

After selecting which type of project you would like to create (addon, world, mod, etc) you will be presented with a page requiring you to fill out a few details about your project.

Below are the fields along with their descriptions:


  • Name: This is the title of your project. It should be unique to your project. If the name is already taken it will be rejected and you will have to pick a new name. 
  • Summary: This is a short blurb about the mod that will show up in the project listings
  • Description: This is the longer explanation of what your mod does/adds. You can add images and videos as well as text. If you already have a Minecraft Forum post, you can copy paste it here. This description must be more than "Adds blocks"
  • Project License: This is a drop down field that contains most of the common licenses in use in modding games. Research the license type you want to use and the pros and cons. You can also chose to use a Custom License at the bottom of the dropdown list and put anything you want in it. It may not be legally binding to request human souls in exchange for use of your mod, but you can do it if you want.
  • Primary Category: This is the main category your project will be sorted as. Texture packs require the resolution be the primary category. If you choose "Misc" you will not be able to add other categories.
  • Secondary Category: You can add up to 4 of these. Your project will also show up in lists where people are searching for these types of mods. Be careful though, if you just add categories that have nothing to do with your mod we may send it back to you for changes. Users don't like looking for a RPG mod and getting a Server Utility mod in the list.
  • Settings: Here you can choose if you want the project to accept comments on CurseForge, Curse or both. 

Once you have the form filled out you can press the Start Project button at the bottom. Once done, this will submit the project to our review process.


After your project is approved, or while waiting for approval you can move onto Submitting a Project.