Changes Required and Rejected Files

Project approval requirements

  • A valid file that belongs to you (is not someone else's intellectual property).
  • Default image/logo - unless its an API/Library.
  • Texture preview if the project is replacing textures.
  • Description beyond "added stuff".

So your file has been uploaded and your project submitted, but you get an email saying it is not approved. Now what?

Projects that are not approved fall under 2 categories: "Changes Required" and "Rejected"

Rejected Projects

The entire project is rejected, and in some cases you may be banned from submitting more projects.

  • Inappropriate or Not Real: You may think its funny to upload porn videos in zip format. We do not. Uploading non game content under the pretense that it is game content will get a project rejected. Depending on what you put in the file you may be banned permanently.
  • Plagiarism: Don't steal. Do not upload work that does not belong to you. You will most likely be banned.
  • Third Party Installation Utility: It is incredibly rare that we allow .exe files and third party launchers/installers to be uploaded. You won't be banned but the project will be rejected.
  • Uploaded another Author's work: This means you uploaded something that might allow cloning but you didn't make any significant changes. You won't be banned but it is highly frowned upon. Continuing to attempt to upload cloned projects with no changes will get you upgraded to Plagiarism.

Rejected Files

Files can be rejected for a multitude of reasons. Below are the list of reasons, and how to fix them.


  • Duplicate file: This is the most common. We use an md5 based system to check and ensure each file is unique. Most often unzipping and re-zipping the project then re-uploading will solve this issue. The file processor is saying that the electronic signature on the file is the same as another file already in the system.
  • Contains thumbs.db, __MACOSX or .DS_Store: This tends to happen when there are so many of these files in the folder that its overwhelming the system. Just a few will probably go through, over 50 and your file may be sent back to have them removed.
  • Individual Files: Upload .zip , .jar not the files inside the folder. The only exception is Kerbal Space Program. The Shareables section will allow you to upload individual .craft files.
  • Invalid Archive: The .zip or .jar got corrupted somewhere. Or you upload a .rar or some other special extension. 
  • Mod Statistics Included: Kerbal Space Program ONLY: This is a file that includes another file that Squad has stated is not allowed inside other .zips. You will have to upload a new file without Mod Statistics
  • For more information about File Statuses and information regarding how to fix common issues:

Changes Required

  • Needs a better description: "It adds stuff" is not a description. Add a few lines about what your project does.
  • Project Avatar: All projects except API/Libraries require a default image/logo/avatar to be approved
  • Source Required: (Kerbal Space Program ONLY) Squad requires that all mods contain the source code. 
  • Not in English: While we love our foreign fans, this site and most of its users speak English, therefor all projects must contain an English description.
  • Punctuation and Grammar: "iz g8 plz use kthnx"  is not acceptable, you have almost unlimited characters, use some of them.
  • Third Party Download Link: We do not accept projects that have a direct link to a third party download. 
  • Texture Pack Preview: Texture packs and texture replacements require a preview image of the textures. 
  • KSP Part pack with Third Party Plugin: (Kerbal Space Program ONLY) Part packs should not include plugins that don't belong to you.
  • Mcreator: Mcreator is a system for creating Minecraft mods, it has very specific terms stating that mods made with it must link back to their website.

Fix the issue in the message sent to you and the mod will be resubmitted for approval.