Submitting a Project Part 2: Submit a File

You have your previews and settings all in place. However, your project is still awaiting moderator approval. The last step before your project is automagically submitted to moderators for approval, is uploading a file.


Navigate to your Project Dashboard via steps seen in previous articles. To the right of your project title is a button labeled File. Clicking this will take you to the Files tab and once uploaded, will list your project files. That's what we're here to do! You should see something similar to the image below:



This page will differ slightly based on what game your project is for. Below is a list of fields that you will fill out to have your file submitted:


  • Upload file: Pick the file you want to upload
  • Display Name: Your project file is named v2.0 , but you want it to look a bit fancier, type in a name here that will show up in the file list
  • Release Type: Release, Beta and Alpha all act slightly differently. Release files sync to the entire Curse Network (CurseForge,, Curse App). These are the files that will auto download when a user clicks the default download button on a project. Beta files sync to but will not sync to the app unless the user chooses to receive Beta files. Alpha files do not sync to and are only available on CurseForge and Curse App clients set to recieve Alphas. More on file types can be found here.
  • Changelog: A place to put all the spiffy updates you have done between versions
  • Supported Version: Pick which versions of the game your project is compatible with. You can choose multiple versions. If the correct version is missing send us a feedback request and we'll get it added.
  • Supported Java versions (Minecraft Only): If your project only works in Java 6, this is the spot to say so.
  • Related Projects: Dependencies and Incompatibilities. This is where you can link to other projects on CurseForge. You can link to a required project, or to a recommended project, or to a project that you know does not work well with your project. Currently this just shows an icon on the file page. Once client integration occurs users will auto download required projects and be warned about incompatibilities. Just type the name of the project in the box, if it is on CurseForge it will bring up a list of matching projects for you to choose from.

After filling out all of the appropriate fields, click Submit File.


Now if you go into your Files tab on your project and click the file name at the bottom you can see any file relations you added. You will also see a button that says Upload Additional File.



By using the Upload Additional File button you can upload dev files for other developers to use. These files never show up on


At this point your file will be labeled "Under Review" and it is off to the moderators to review and approve it. They may send it back to you requesting changes. They may also reject it. Changes and rejection reasons are covered under Changes Required and Rejected Files.