Submitting a Project Part 1: Settings and Previews

Note: This article assumes you have just read through and finished this article:


Now that you have filled out the form and pushed the Start Project button you will need to do a few more things before the project is public. This article will walk you through the process of finalizing your project for submission to the moderation approval process.


After clicking Start Project, provided all of the information required is accepted, you should be taken to a page similar to this:



Note the warning:

*Depending on whether or not you marked your project as "Experiemental" you may or may not see the message following this one in the screenshot above.


At this point, this project is as good as invisible to everyone except you. Until you upload a file, it will not be submitted for review. Before we do that, we need to make sure we complete a few more required bits, otherwise it likely won't make it through the approval process.


Step 1

Click the Settings tab under your project title.


This will drop you into the General settings page, and will allow you to fill out the following fields, some of which are required:


  • Default Image: This is the square icon that shows up next to projects in the project listing. All projects, on all sites require this to be approved.  If you added content to the game, you probably have something you can take a picture of. The image needs to be square (1:1 ratio) and at least 400x400 pixels. This is to prevent stretching in the client. 
  • Enable Project Pages: Basically this allows you to set up a wiki/information page(s) on the site. Here is a very basic example.
  • Donation Type: Want to accept donations? You can link Paypal or Pledgie here. Currently we do not support Patreon but we'd like to in the future.
  • External Links: You can link to a webpage or a wiki here. You may not link to a third party file download of the mod. 

Once you are happy here you can press Save Changes

Step 2

Under the Settings tab, there is a list of additional pages in the menu on the left.

  • Members: Here you can add team members, swap ownership, set reward split or remove members as needed. Only give access to people you trust. You have control of how much of the project they can edit. No one but you or an admin can change ownership of the mod. Admins will only change ownership if you specifically request it for a project you own. The reward points from the Rewards Program can be split however you like between project members.

  • Issues: You can link to an external issue tracker, or you can choose to make use of the internal issue tracker on CurseForge. You can set up custom tags like "enhancement", "bug", or "incompatibility"

  • Source: You can link to Github, Bitbucket or another external repository to share your source code. 

Step 3

Note: If you are uploading a texture pack, or a resource pack (for Minecraft) that provides textures, this step is REQUIRED.


To the right of your project title you will see an Image button:



This allows you to upload more preview images without embedding them in your main page. You can give the images a title and a description. At least one is required for texture packs.


Clicking this button will display a modal allowing you to give it a TitleDescription, and to upload an image.


**Note: Not to sound repetitive, but any project adding TEXTURES must have a preview image. No one wants to download a texture pack or texture mod without being able to see it first.


This is the end of PART 1, for the last part - Submitting a file - make your way to the next part, here: