Modpack Best Practices

If you want your modpack to get noticed and get downloads, there are a few best practices you can follow to ensure it doesn't get lost in the mix.

Modpack Name

Your name should be unique and accurate to the content or story you're trying to tell with your modpack. Good grammar, capitalization and clever wordplay are all great ways to get your modpack noticed.

Modpack Description

Although we have recently pulled back some of our more strict requirements for complete and full descriptions of modpacks, that does't mean it doesn't help. When a user is trying to determine what new modpack to try next, the description is absolutely important in giving them a quick overview of the content they should expect.


Just listing the mods within the pack isn't always enough. Try to give an image of how you would expect users to use the mods in the pack. Stories aren't required, but often help set the stage for creativity and will also go a long way to getting a user invested in the experience before downloading the pack.

Server Pack

Having a server zip uploaded as a child file is a great way to support your community of players. This allows end users to easily set up servers for their friends and families.