Game-Specific Requirements

Each game on CurseForge has its own set of rules. Some of these are mandated by the game's creator, while others are community conventions or were developed over time by the CurseForge staff.


Kerbal Space Program:

  • Source code must be include in all mods that edit code.
  • Part packs cannot include mods that do not belong to the author of the part pack.
  • Mods and packs cannot contain "Mod Statistics."
  • Mods must remain family-friendly.
  • Files ending with the .craft extension are only permitted on projects which belong to the Shareables category.


  • Bukkit plugins are not allowed on CurseForge: there is a dedicated website for those.
  • Texture packs require the default image and a large preview image of the textures in the pack.
  • The file format must be .zip or .jar 
  • Modpacks must use the proper format explain in the modpack submission article


  • Go crazy. If the game devs don't like the idea they will change the API so you can't do it anymore.

Currently several games are on the older system. Their requirements will be added as they are merged into this system.