File Types and Additional Fields

  • Alpha -Does not sync to and does not sync to the app unless the user chooses to allow Alpha files. If your project only has Alpha files your project will not show up on
  • Beta - Syncs to but not to the app unless the user chooses to allow Beta files. If there is a release file for this version of the game, even if it is older than the Beta it will be the default download on
  • Release - This file syncs to and the app. The download button defaults to the newest Release file on a game version.
  • Additional Files - These are files attached to another file. Usually these are development files for other mod developers who need access to un-obfuscated code. They do not download with the main file. Instead a developer would go to the file page on CurseForge and download them individually. To upload additional files you would select the file you wish to attach them to in the file view and then select the button on the individual file page that says "Upload Additional Files".
  • Project Relationships - These are set on individual files. They can be embedded libraries, optional libraries, required libraries, tools or incompatible files. Once app integration occurs required libraries will automatically be downloaded with the file, optional files will display a message informing the player, and incompatible files will warn the player that installing the 2 files together is at their own risk. 

How does the download button chose what to download?

In order of preference by game version. In the following example, we'll use MC 1.7.10 and the Curse App:

It will look first for a file flagged as Release. If it finds one that will be the default download no matter how many newer Betas/Alphas are available

If it cannot find a file flagged Release it will look for the newest file flagged Beta.


It will download the newest most recently uploaded file. Regardless of flags.

Currently there is no way to reorder files aside from deleting the files and re-uploading them in the proper order.  

Archiving or Deleting Files

There are two ways to remove a file from your project.


Archiving: Archiving removes a file from the public view. It can no longer be downloaded on its own. However if a content pack, or another mod depends on it they can still download it as a dependency. This is useful for CoreMods or API/Libraries where you want to remove an old file but not break a mod that depends on the old file. 


Deleting: Once a file is archived, an author has the option of deleting the file. Once the file is deleted any files that depend on it can no longer access it. Make sure you want to erase the file before doing so.  In most cases Archiving is the better option. No one can see it. Even the author needs to go to the archived file section to see it. 

Archived files can be restored by their owner at any time. Deleted files require a site admin to restore.