Getting to Know CurseForge

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CurseForge collects and offers a diverse range of mods, addons, worlds, and more for a wide variety of (and ever growing) list of games. When you first visit CurseForge, you'll be presented with something similar to the image below:


Across the top is the Site Navigation Bar. This allows you to see what user you are logged in as, and gives you access to your public profile, preferences, subscriptions, and allows you to login/register/logout.

Main Navigation

Below this is the main navigation information for CurseForge:

  • Forums - This takes you to the central CurseForge forums, currently only content related to WoW. Other games have their own individual forums.
  • Paste - Need to paste something quick to share with others? If you've ever used pastebin, this should be familiar to you.
  • Knowledge Base - You are here! The hope is that if you have any questions or need to know anything about CurseForge, the answer should be here! (We're working on it!)
  • Rewards Program - Information regarding our Rewards Program
  • Reward Store - Cash in those reward points!
  • Search - Handy dandy search tool. This will search across the entirety of CurseForge. Be sure to navigate into any of the specific game sections for a more directed search of content.

General Page Content

Scrolling down along the main page will offer content based on the game you have selected from the Game Hero Bar, with the option to Start Project or Browse Project if the game selected has project support. Beyond that is information about joining the Rewards Program


Our main page also provides quick access to all of our communities!


Updates and Footer

Near the bottom of the page is a small section for recent CurseForge updates as well as our standard footer with associated links.